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Identity Malta starts rolling out new high-tech ID cards

Identity Malta starts rolling out new high-tech ID cards

New more technologically advanced and safer Identity Cards start circulation,

A new more technologically advanced Identity Card started being circulated by Identity Malta.

The new ID card boasts new security features, helping in making it harder for it to be copied or falsified.

It was also pointed out in a statement that the name and details of card holder will be laser engraved in black and white polycarbonate substrate. The material makes any alterations very difficult.

The new cards will be issued slowly, rather through a mass rollout, with old cards being eligible until their expiration.

The card will be contactless, with the date accessed only through a Card Access Number on the front. It will also be stored in a QR code at the back.

Prime Minister Robert Abela welcomed the issuing of the new ID cards, stating they augur well for government’s digital strategy. Holders will be able to access and verify their identity using the card when access online government services.“Government is showing how serious it is taking the protection of someone’s identity,” he said.

Source: https://www.maltatoday.com.mt/news/national/104985/identity_malta_starts_rolling_out_new_hightech_id_cards#.X4AAUWgzbIV


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